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Top 5 things to eat or drink in Valencia!

By 15 April, 2019January 30th, 2024Culinary advice Valencia

Valencia is a wonderful place to eat fresh products, delicious seafood and to find nice restaurants, authentic tapas bars and chic Michelin stars restaurants. But, if you want to know what you definitely should eat in Valencia, read my top 5 about what to eat and drink in Valencia.

agua de valencia recipe

Oranges & Agua de Valencia

Valencian oranges are famous around the world, you should obviously eat them while you are in Valencia. Or pick them yourself during an Orange picking tour! Don´t try to eat them from a tree in the city, they taste very sour!
Where can you find the best oranges? At Mercado Central !
And if you like fruity cocktails based on oranges, you really have to try Agua de Valencia. Maybe, you would think this is a special kind of water (agua), but it is actually a mix from orange juice, cava and strong liquors. The best place I think you can find this delicious cocktail: Café de las horas, close to Plaza de la Virgen. You can also make your own Agua de Valencia at home. I have a recipe and video for you on how to make Agua de Valencia.

paella casa carmela valencia


The most famous dish from Spain is from Valencia!
Valencian paella is not made with seafood but with rabit, chicken, beans and some secret ingredients. If you want to learn how to make one your own have a look into my paella workshops. Where to find the best Paella in Valencia: In my house, haha that´s what most man would answer to this question 😉 But luckily, there are also lots of restaurants where you can find different kinds of delicious paella.
For example: Every Sunday they make a big paella at café Museo. For 6 euro you get a full plate of paella and a lot of locals to have a chat with!
My favourite paella restaurants on the beach are Casa Carmela (€€) La Pepica (€€) and La Paz(€). And in the centre city you can find the best one at Casa Roberto (calle del mar). Furthermore, there are a lot of nice nice paella restaurants around Albufera natural park, but a bit too many to mention!

horchata farton valencia

Horchata with Fartons

Horchata is a sweet drink made from tigernuts (chufa), it is traditional and very popular here. Order a farton (try not to laugh when ordering) to go with it. You can learn about this tigernuts and see the beautiful fields of chufas, during a biketour.
Where to find the best horchata: Horchateria Daniel (in Alboraya) or at Horchateria El collado in the city centre.


Every visitor to Spain wants to ´go for tapas´ but what are exactly tapas?
And even a better question, where to get the best?
If you want to learn about tapas, you can book a tapas tour in Valencia with me.
Where to eat good tapas: If you like to try the real thing and have some authentic tapas in a local atmosphere, you have to go to Tasca Angel or in La Pilareta (better know as Bar Pilar).
I also recommend you to try some modern version of tapas at Cannalla bistro or fancy tapas with a twist from top chef Quique Dacosta in gastrobar Vuelve Carolina.
Don’t forget to try the Pinchos (tapas on a bread with a stick) in Orio.

Buñuelos small Valencia food fallas

Churros con chocolate or Buñuelos de calabaza

Eaten as a snack or for breakfast, Churros is a delicious fried-dough pastry dipped in hot chocolate.
And the Buñuelos de calabaza (pumpkin) are even more typical from Valencia. During the Fallas festival you can find a churos stands on every corner of Valencia.
But where to find this yummie when there is no festival?
My favorite places 2 eat these tasty sweets: at Chocolateria Valor in the city centre or Buñoleria El Contraste in Ruzafa.

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