Description Flamenco workshop

Discover the passion of flamenco dance with our exclusive private dance workshop, specially designed for groups in Valencia. For 90 mesmerizing minutes, you will be immersed in the world of flamenco, led by an experienced and passionate professional dancer.

In this immersive class, you will learn the essential basic steps and refined techniques of flamenco, while instructions are given in English for a smooth experience.

To fully embrace the authentic flamencos atmosphere, you may also don traditional flamenco attire. Capture these unforgettable memories by taking atmospheric photos in your flamenco outfit.

For more information and to plan your own private flamenco adventure, feel free to contact us. Awaken the flamenco fire in you and have an unforgettable dance experience with your friends or colleagues!


  • An English-speaking Flamenco dancer
  • Water
  • Flamenco clothes
Prise  20 Euro
Start Let us know the time you would like to start
Duration 90 minutes

Photos Flamenco workshop

Reviews Flamenco workshop

Thoroughly enjoyed this activity in Valencia
We went to Valencia with a group of 15 colleagues. As part of our trip, we booked a flamenco lesson. Truly an unforgettable experience. As none of us had ever danced flamenco, Rocio really took the time to teach us the basics of this beautiful dance. Her patience, passion and enthusiasm (golpe! planta! tacón!) gave us all positive energy.

Elisa M.Flamenco lesson with colleagues

As part of my friend's bachelorette party, we did this workshop with 8 girls. We all had so much fun in the dance class. Most of us have two left feet, but we felt very comfortable and at the end of the class we really did some Flamenco moves! Booking this workshop and the taxis was done through Suzie and was very easy.

Anne D.Bachelorette party flamenco class
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