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Valencia: European Green Capital 2024 – A Sustainable Tourist Guide

Valencia is the proud European Green Capital of 2024! This prestigious recognition from the European Commission confirms the city’s commitment to sustainability and promises residents and visitors alike an improved quality of life and a greener, more environmentally friendly urban experience. In this blog post, we take a look at what makes Valencia a green capital and how tourists can help maintain its eco-friendly status.

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Valencia’s lush green spaces

Valencia has an abundance of green spaces that are immediately apparent upon arrival. The city boasts nearly five million square meters of green spaces, inviting you to explore its beautiful gardens and tranquil spots. Start your green adventure in the impressive Jardín del Turia, a 10-kilometer-long green belt that runs through the city, in the old Turia riverbed. Explore hidden gems such as the romantic Jardín de Monforte and the new urban Parque Central.

Fun green fact: almost all Valencia locals (79%) live just steps from green oases (less than 300 meters away)

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Natural parks in Valencia

Valencia not only offers greenery in the city center, but also in the form of two accessible natural parks. The Parque Natural de l’Albufera, located just 10 km south of the city, is an oasis and perfect for boat trips or hiking and biking. The Turia Natural Park, an 8,000-hectare Mediterranean forest, can be reached via the Turia River and is ideal for hiking, biking or horseback riding.

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Discover La Huerta

Valencia is proud of its fertile vegetable and fruit farms called La Huerta. Covering 120 km², this region not only supplies the world with fruits and vegetables, but also ensures that local markets and restaurants are stocked with eco-friendly, seasonal produce. Embrace the chance to enjoy authentic local cuisine in Valencian restaurants, reinforcing Valencia’s 2017 title as Capital of Sustainable Urban Food.

Sustainable mobility

Valencia’s green lifestyle extends to transportation. With more than 200 kilometers of bike lanes and nearly flat terrain, cycling is a delightful and sustainable way to explore the city. Pedestrians can also enjoy 94 km² of pedestrian areas, including revamped areas such as Plaza de la Reina, Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Plaza de Brujas.

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Your contribution to a greener Valencia

As a responsible tourist, you can play a role in maintaining Valencia’s green status. In addition to sustainable mobility, you can adopt practices such as minimizing waste, supporting local businesses and participating in ecotourism activities. 

Here are some useful tips you can follow during your trip:

  • Minimize the use of paper. Tours in Valencia offers you a free map of tips in our Valencia Tips app. In addition, we have online guides you can download.
  • Use water and energy responsibly. Avoid unnecessary water consumption in your accommodation and don’t have towels changed daily.
  • Keep waste to a minimum. Use reusable water bottles and bags to reduce plastic packaging.
  • Recycle. In the city, there are trash cans and containers clearly marked with the usual colors.
  • As much as possible, move around on foot, bicycle or public transportation. This is not only more environmentally friendly, but also a fun way to explore the city.
  • Visit small businesses, buy local crafts and taste local cuisine made from seasonal and local produce. Find out where to find these spots in our free Valencia Tips app.

Chosen as the 2024 European Green Capital, Valencia invites tourists to experience sustainable tourism. Take a bike ride through green areas, taste local delicacies on our culinary tours and embrace eco-friendly transportation. Keep in mind that your responsible choices will help maintain Valencia’s green image even after the title year.

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