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Places to visit in Valencia with kids!

Valencia is a lovely city and there is a lot to discover.
Ancient monuments, architectural buildings and cultural attractions make Valencia a popular tourist destination.
But, just like every other parent you wonder: “How can we entertain our little children?”
Well, besides all the historical museums and sites, Valencia also offers a large range of recreational activities for the youngest members of the family.

And I know because I know the city like no other… My name is Suzie, I have lived in beautiful Valencia for years and I have 2 beautiful children who I entertain every day in this vibrant city. 

The beach

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach when it’s sunny? Only a 10-minute drive by cab or 20 minutes ride by metro and you can find our city beaches. You can take a dip in the sea, eat a nice paella at one of the many restaurants or build sand castles together. The beach also has an attractive promenade dotted with children’s play areas.

Do you prefer to spend the morning at the beach? La Mas Bonita (Paseo Marítimo de la Patacona) is a great place for breakfast, brunch or lunch. At La Mas Bonita, young Valencian families meet and it’s a marvelous place for kids since there is a mini playground and cakes!

strand valencia met kinderen


Bioparc Valencia is a zoological park where you can find all sorts of animals in wild habitats. You can see them really close without any barriers as you experience the excitement of an authentic African adventure. You can certainly walk around the park for 3 hours and enjoy the nice landscape and diversification of animals. And just next to Bioparc, you will find Cabecera Park, an enormous garden where you can have a delicious picnic while the children run around and play, surrounded by nature.

Reserve tickets and skip the line Bioparc Valencia

bioparc with kids
Oceanografic bezoeken Valencia met kinderen


If your kids love sea-animals and aquariums, you definitely have to go to Oceanogràfic!

It is the largest aquarium in Europe and just lovely to take an underwater journey there. You can discover the genuine marine park in half a day, which represents the main seas and oceans of the planet. The children can watch a training of marine mammals, maybe feed the penguins or they can even ‘sleep’ with sharks. Do not miss the dolphin show, check out the daily schedule.Normally the shows take place at 12.00 and 16.00 hour.

Before or after your visit to Oceanogràfic, you can explore the other party of the City of Arts & Sciences. You can watch and discover the amazing avant-garde buildings of Santiago Calatrava.Perfect for a beautiful family picture! If you want to learn more about this modern city, you can book a tour with me.

If you plan to visit the Oceanografic and the sciences museum it is more affordable to reserve the ticket as a pack, you can do this with the link below. It also helps you skip the lines for purchasing tickets.

Reserve your tickets for Oceanografic 

Combination ticket Oceanogràfic, Science Museum & Hemisfèric

Science museum

In the City of Arts & Sciences, you can also find the Prince Felipe Science museum. In this museum it is forbidden NOT to touch anything, so it is just perfect for children 😉

You can learn about sciences through experience. Everything is graphically displayed, with huge texts and pictures, experiments, buttons to touch and so much more…

Skip the line Science museum tickets Valencia

Oceanogràfic, Science Museum & Hemisfèric combination ticket 

Turia & Playground Gulliver

Valencia also has a number of large parks and gardens where you can spend a pleasant day with the family. The Turia is a huge nature area of 9 kilometers that used to be a river bed and currently, it was transformed into a cultural town park. In the park, you can find lots of playing areas and beautiful places to picnic.

The biggest playground is close to the City of Arts & Sciences and sometimes you can even see it already from the plane.Children there can play on a giant, called Gulliver (named after the book Gulliver’s Travels).The giant is made out of numerous slides and climbing frames. It is a lot of fun! And free to enter! 

Valencia Turia park
Suzie Gids Valencia in valencia erkend gids licenced guide

There is really enough to do with young children in Valencia, I would be happy to take you on our bike tour, indicate that the children are coming and I will adapt the tour accordingly!

What is also great fun with older children is the city game Secret City Walk; this self-guided tour lets you play different games and solve riddles in the city! This way you get to know Valencia in a fun educational way.

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