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Fallas celebration Valencia, video

By 16 April, 2019November 5th, 2019Traditions and local holidays

The city of Valencia is on fire! Join us on a fallas tour and experience the authentic fallas festiva

Every year Valencia’s grandest annual festival, Las Fallas, is celebrated from 15 till 19 March in a continuous round-the-clock party.
A Falla is a big sculpted monument with a message, normally to criticize everything and anyone imaginable. These huge monuments made of materials like paper mache, wood and carbon board reach extravagant heights and all are great displays of art.
You have four days to see about 700 fallas that are mounted throughout the city. On the final night of Las Falles, around midnight on March 19, these fallas are burnt as huge bonfires. This is known as the cremà (the burning), the climax of the whole event, and the reason why the constructions are called fallas (torches).
As a visitor of the fallas festival you might find it hard to understand the message of the fallas and you might not know where to find the best fallas. This is why I organize the Fallas tour, to give you a real authentic fallas experience.
See here a video of a the fallas tour we (Suzie and Gabriel) did back in 2015. Will you join us next year?

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