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Albufera natural park – how to get there from Valencia citycenter

The Albufera Natural Park is situated in the south of Valencia and is reachable by bus, taxi, scooter or bike from the center of Valencia. The trip itself offers some lovely views of the beaches, the rice fields, and the lagoon. Furthermore, there is an awesome bike route.


If you go by bike and you do not fancy biking 20 km up to el Palmar you could also stop at the town El Saler for a good paella and a nice walk over the sand dunes or siesta on the beach. This would be about 12 km from Valencia and the biketrail up to El Saler is good!

You can visit on your own or I can take you there on a bike or scooter tour. I could also help you to book the transportation, boattrip, lunch etc.


I helped arrange some romantic private boat rides with sunset, even some couples proposed!

For groups, I can organize a private bus, a lovely boat trip (with a glass of cava if you fancy) and a great authentic lunch. We can combine this with a stroll in the park, cooking your own paella and a visit to a typical Barraca house.


Some information and tips you might find handy:

    • You can see a breathtaking sunset near the bus stop at the Gola de Puchol (this is where newlyweds have their picture taken)
    • You can take a folding bike on the bus!
    • This blogpost explains where you can rent a bike or ebike with a discount


  • A taxi ride will cost you about 25 euros. Make sure you set up a time with the driver to pick you up or call the taxi on time. There are almost no taxi´s available directly at Albufera.


  • The bus to El saler or Palmar only costs 1,50 per ride. You can find more information on the EMT website
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