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Best places for brunch in Valencia, also called ‘Almuerzo’

One of the reasons why I am in Valencia? In Valencia there are 5 official meals a day, who wouldn’t want that !? It is really true that in Spain and certainly Valencia everything revolves around food. Real Spaniards who go to someone’s house or for coffee? You will not see this often. If an appointment is made with family or friends, it is always for one of the meals in a cafe or restaurant. That also applies to the brunch, El Almuerzo! I will tell you everything about Almuerzo; brunch in Valencia.

I love to eat and I often go out to try out a cafe or restaurant. I have my favorites (also for Almuerzo ..) and I would like to share my hotspots with you! Almuerzo is actually brunch, a meal after breakfast around 11 o’clock.

Looking for a nice place for brunch in Valencia; So Almuerzo? I would like to help you!


Suzie Gids Valencia in valencia erkend gids licenced guide
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Start the day with breakfast, this is usually a light breakfast because a lot was eaten at a late time in the evening. Read more about breakfast in Valencia here!

Almuerzo Valencia


Brunch, which is actually a snack between 10:30 and 12:00 for the Spanish. In this blog you can read all about Almuerzo!

Paella eten in Valencia


The real lunch is served between 1PM and 4PM, this is an extensive, usually warm meal consisting of 3 courses.

tapas eten in Valencia


Afternoon snack between 5PM and 7PM, this can vary from something sweet to something savoury. Just something that steals the little hunger.

Tours in Valencia beste foodie tips


The real Spaniards go for dinner around 9PM/10PM, so it is customary to eat hot for the 2nd time that day.

What exactly is El Almuerzo?

What could be better than sleeping in and enjoying a delicious brunch afterwards? Traditionally, brunch is not often done in Spain, but it is finally gaining popularity. In Valencia it is normal to have an Almuerzo around 11 am. This is something between a light breakfast and a big lunch, but to me it’s not quite the same as brunch.

An almuerzo is offered in many bars between 10.30AM-12.00PM. After that time it can no longer be ordered. It is a very good deal, often for about 4 euros you have some olives or peanuts with a well-filled baguette + a beer, soda or wine + coffee.

It’s only 10.30AM and the Valencians are already drinking beer ?! Yes, that is not uncommon, especially among men who do physical work and get up early, just think of the market people and the fishermen. You also see that people who work in the office take a 15 minute break to go to the bar for an almuerzo. This fifteen minutes is easily 30 minutes and you can almost assume that if you call around 11 o’clock that you will not get them … The beers that are served at the almuerzo are often small beers (caña) although I have also regularly seen a bottle of red wine on the table! You may also choose soft drinks, but the coffee is only served after your sandwich is finished.

My 7 favorite places to eat in Valencia for brunch and Almuerzo!

Brunch Valencia La Giraffe Arabe

Le Girafe – brunch on the beach Patacona

La Girafe is located on the Patacona beach and you can enjoy an extensive theme brunch à la carte in the courtyard. The café is very nicely decorated and you can sit outside on the attractive inner patio.

Extensive brunch deals; The Norwegian with salmon or my favorite the Brunch Arabe, with durum pita, babagamoush, black marinated olives, arabic blini with honey and butter, samosa with vegetables (kind of vegetable spring roll) and Arabian mint tea.

Av. Mare Nostrum, 10
46120 Alboraia, Valencia
Website Le Girafe

Eggcellent- serves brunch in Valencia, all day long

They call it ‘brunch with a Spanish touch’. I like to come here because the owners are also from the Netherlands and they once made the choice to move to beautiful Valencia. The range is therefore a mix of Dutch and Spanish specialties, hence the Spanish touch! Think of Avocado toast, poached eggs, bacon, but they also add things like Vinaroz anchovies, El “Pa amb tomàquet”, or our “Patatas Bravas” with our homemade sauce! The most popular dish is the “Benny Boy”; 2 poached eggs served on the signature potato base with crispy bacon, apple cider hollandaise & Granny Smith apple.

Open every day from 8:30AM to 4PM except Tuesdays. Breakfast and brunch are served throughout the day.

Avinguda de l’Oest, 33
46001 Valencia
Website Eggcellent

Federal Café – Australia and Spain in 1

Federal is a small town on Binna Burra Road in New South Wales, Australia. It is a very quiet town and there is not much to do other than dream, see the rain fall and a lost phone booth. Federal is a café in Valencia. Have a cup of coffee made with fresh, pure milk and imagine that you are on the Binna Burra Road.

‘ Sometimes you can be in two places at the same time.’

In this café you can enjoy an extensive, healthy and varied brunch. In Federal Café you have a large communal table where people often work with their laptop and combine this with something to eat, if you are looking for this during your visit to Valencia, this is a great place!

Tip: Have a nice fresh healthy juice with a Pastrami sandwich, feels a bit New York.

Calle Embajador Vich 15
46002, Valencia
Website Federal Café

Federal Valencia restaurant cafe
Federal Cafe Valencia fijne werkplek
Federal Cafe werkplek Valencia

Bar Palau de la Musica – Famous for its tortillas / Spanish omelets

‘Eating between the musicians’ This restaurant is located at a top location, just next to the Turia Park. The sandwiches are very well filled and you can sit outside.

Tip: Try the Almussafes, a sandwich with cheese, onion and sobrasada or the house specialty, the Superbombon.

Website Palau de la Musica

Almuerzo eten in Valencia

El Trovador – eating among the locals

Very extensive choice of sandwiches, the bar is full of dishes and you can choose a combination yourself. Don’t worry of the peanut shells on the ground and the loud hungry construction workers. At El Trovador you can experience the real Spanish atmosphere from a quick menu of the day. What you shouldn’t expect is a hip setting or an English menu, but traditional stews and well-stocked plates. A place where the working Spaniard fills the stomach.

Carrer del Comte de Salvatierra 34
46004 Valencia, Spanje
Facebook El Trovador

wat is Almuerzo? eten in Valencia

La Pascuala – the biggest sandwiches in Valencia

At La Pascuala you will find the largest sandwiches in Valencia. One thing is for sure, even the biggest eaters will definitely not leave hungry here!

Carrer del Dr. Lluch, 299
46011, Valencia
Website La Pascuala

La Lluna Valencia Almuerzo eten

La Lluna – A wonderful brunch in the countryside of Valencia

La Luna has a very quiet location in the countryside of Valencia. You can drink a delicious cremaet, this is coffee with rum, sugar, cinnamon and lemon and often a cinnamon stick or coffee beans as decoration. Also called the Valencian dessert of the Almuerzo (and I think it’s really delicious!)

And after a nice Almuerzo and Cremaet you can enjoy a walk in the beautiful surroundings.

Camí del Mar 56
Almásera, 46132 Valencia
Website La Lluna

However, I also like something sweet and that is why I prefer a brunch over Almuerzo with a nice cake, something savory and of course fresh fruit juice! Would you like to read all my tips about all eating moments in Valencia? Sign up for the newsletter and receive the foodie e-book with all my experiences for free!

Suzie Gids Valencia in valencia erkend gids licenced guide
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