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A great tour guide can make your stay memorable!

I often get the question if I can recommend a great tour guide in another Spanish city. So I decided I will write a blog about some of the tour guides I know do a great job!

To be honest, before I was a tour guide myself I did not do many tours as I had a pretty dull idea of a tour, thinking of guides walking with a flag with a big group behind them telling you all kind of uninteresting facts and history.

But now I know better, a good tour guide is gold! They are the key to the best restaurants, the local insider tips and they can do great storytelling to make your stay memorable!

I’ve been living in Spain for over a decade and have been throughout the country doing tours in many places.

I have listed the tour guides with the information of their website so you can directly book with them.

Suzie Gids Valencia in valencia erkend gids licenced guide

1. – Barcelonatips by locals – Annebeth

Annebeth is a Barcelona expert, with a fantastic free App filled with insider tips for exploring the city. Her app inspired me to create a similar app for Valencia. Not only does she provide valuable tips on her Instagram, but her website is a treasure trove of information for anyone planning a trip to Barcelona. Annebeth truly has a gift for sharing the best of what these incredible city has to offer.

Barcelonatips by locals Local Annebeth from shares the best travel tips for your visit to Barcelona. Whether you are looking for special sights, good restaurants, great accommodations or ‘secret’ places – she will tell you where to go. All travel tips are based on her own experiences as a local in the city. She’ll take you to her favorite places. On her website, you will find the highlights, special museums, beautiful squares, viewpoints, restaurants, accommodations, wine bars, exhibitions and insider tips off the beaten track. Get the most out of your Barcelona experience with Barcelonatips by locals!

About guide Annebeth

Annebeth is originally from the Netherlands, but has been living in Barcelona for 22 years. Her greatest passion is to introduce you to the best of Barcelona. She does this in a small-scale, personal way and, if possible, off the beaten track. You may bump into her in the bicycle shop that she runs with her partner in the center of Barcelona, El Ciclo.

2. Northern Spain Gastronomy – Irene

I am absolutely in love with the north of Spain, the gastronomy is just heaven there. So what better than going with Irene on a food tour! Her multi-day immersive cooking experience is high on my travel and foodie wishlist! 

Northern Spain Gastronomy is the leader boutique operator providing food and wine experiences in Northern Spain. They specialize in food tours, cooking classes, and wine tours in Bilbao, San Sebastian, and the Rioja wine region.

About tourguide Irene

Irene is the founder of NSG. She has traveled to over 50 countries, holds a degree in Economics and decided to specialised in the wine and gastronomy world going to cooking school in Bilbao and taking the WSET exams.  She makes her own honey and grows her own vegetables from seed. Completely in love with Northern Spain and the Basque Country she personally provides the multi-day immersive cooking experiences where guests stay in her luxury guest house as proper friends to cook together and keep exploring Northern Spain as locals.
North of Spain (Rioja, San Sebastian, Bilbao) 

Irene López Martínez
Northern Spain Gastronomy
Bilbao, Spain
t: +34 627022780

3. Robb in Barcelona – Robb

I  did a tour of the Sagrada Familia with Robb myself and I was really impressed. Robb is also part of the Wereldstadsgidsen and he is the only licensed Dutch-speaking guide to Barcelona, ​​which means that he can also take you inside the buildings such as the Sagrada Familia. Recently I participated in his online Sagrada Familia tour and I can highly recommend this as well! I have met Robb many times online and offline and can call him a friend and certainly a great guide! 

Robbcn With the tours of Robbcn you will get the best tour experience possible in Barcelona. Robbcn will focus on your tour experience, as that is all that counts. The tours will be adapted to your preferences and guided with our experienced guides. Robbcn offers tailor-made tours, bike tours, walking tours, skip the line tours, excursions and tourmanagement for groups.

About tourguide Robb

Robb has a Dutch background but with his Catalan wife and his many years of living in Barcelona we could call him Catalan. I am sure he knows more about the city than most locals would. You get a true and authentic Barcelona feeling! Robb is the founder of wereldstadsgidsen a community of quality dutch guides around the world
Robbbcn (Cataluña daytrips, Barcelona) 

Robbert Reurings
Barcelona, Spain
t: +34 679937962

Barcelona Tour guide

Also, check out this page of my fellow Dutch guides around the world. Let me know if you are or know a guide that does amazing tours in Spain. I would love to amplify this list and make more direct bookings possible for those special guides! 

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