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Las Fallas – a unique experience in Valencia!

By 8 November, 2019November 13th, 2019Traditions and local holidays

Las Fallas – a unique experience in Valencia!

Each year, Valencia’s largest annual festival, Las Fallas, is celebrated.  The festival starts at the end of February with La Crida, the opening ceremony, after which the whole month of March is celebrated. The highlight of Las Fallas takes place during the week of 15 – 19 March, with activities during the day and night!

Masclèta fireworks – a real spectacle

From the 1th to the 19th of March, you can visit the Masclèta every day at 2 pm at the Plaza de Ayuntamiento. Mascletá are fireworks that are lit during the day, a real spectacle! During a good Mascletá, you can even discover a rhythm. A rhythmic delight for the ears if you have to believe the Valencians!

Besides the Masclèta, other firework shows are given. There is the Nit del Foc for example, one of the most impressive and important fireworks displays that you should not miss!


Admire the unique Fallas images

On the 15th  and 16th of March, the construction of the Fallas images will start. A Falla is a large statue made of materials such as paper mache, wood and carbon board. These monuments often reach enormous heights and are built in the middle of the street. A Falla usually contains a message that criticizes everyone and everything. The various neighbourhoods in Valencia also compete with each other for the most beautiful Falla, they often work a full year to finish these works of art. 

You have four days to see about 700 Fallas, all scattered throughout the city. On the last night of Las Fallas, around midnight on the 19th of March, these Fallas are burned. This is called the Cremà (burning), the climax of the whole event and the reason why the constructions are called Fallas (torches). The burning represents a new start and heralds the beginning of spring.

Spot the most beautiful dresses during the flower sacrifice!

The flower offering takes place on the 17th and 18th of March. On that moment, the Fallas walk through the streets in the most beautiful dresses, accompanied by music and flowers. The parade starts at different places but ends at Plaza de la Virgen. You will find a huge statue of the Virgin Mary there, made entirely of flowers. Very impressive!

Some tips to fully enjoy the Fallas festival:

        If you want a good spot to see the fireworks or the Masclèta, make sure to leave on time. It quickly becomes busy and it can be difficult to move through the crowd. 

        Be sure to visit the Fallas museum, where you can see a nice evolution of the Fallas dolls over the years.

        As a visitor of the Fallas festival, it is sometimes difficult to understand the messages of the Fallas and it can be hard to know where to find the best Fallas. During the Masclèta, it is also nice to have a spot on a balcony, so you can have a drink in your hand while overlooking the crowd. Every year, I organize the Fallas tour to give you a real authentic Fallas experience. It is possible to do this during a private tour or on a tour in smaller groups. Feel free to e-mail me for more information! 




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