Parroquia de San Nicolás

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Let me take you with me on my visit to the beautiful Parroquia de San Nicolás Valencia
The Capilla Sixtine Valenciana is a real pleasure for the eyes, a hidden gem!

The frescoes in the Church of San Nicolas de Valencia recovered its splendor after three years of restoration. A project coordinated the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), in collaboration with the parish itself and the funding Hortensia Herrero Foundation.
They have restored 1,904 square meters of painted surface,
800 square meters of the Sistine Chapel
Alongside the paintings in the nave also they have been restored chapels, facades, and windows.
The restoration includes the frescoes of the nave, designed by Antonio Palomino and realized between 1694 and 1701 by his disciple Dionís Vidal. In total, some 1,800 square meters of the painted surface divided into arches, lunettes, pilasters, vaulted atrium and having all sorts of problems: baggy, loss of cohesion, missing, and repainting. The work was done with the advice of the director of the last restoration that took place in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Gianluigi Colalucci.
The architectural and pictorial-ornamental intervention carried out the last three years in the central church of St. Nicholas was the most important to date at international level by both the magnitude of the work as the techniques used.
Parroquia de San Nicolás Valencia
opening hours depend on day and time of the year but more or less 10.30-19.30
entrance costs 5 euro discounts are available and guided visits as well.
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