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  • Excite your friends or colleagues playing this Ipad challenge
  • Discover the historic city of Valencia and also enjoy an exciting cool chase game

Description Citygame

Innovative and exciting, that’s ‘The Target’. A thrilling chase game in Valencia that is unique in the world. A dangerous gangster has escaped from prison, three police teams are in pursuit. Their weapons: a tablet and satellites. Can the agents catch the gangster before he reaches his ‘target’? “The Target” is like a real life video game, played with tablets, and with the historic center of Valencia as it’s playground. Whether it’s a bachelor party or a teambuilding session in Valencia, any excuse is a good one for friends or colleagues to challenge each other. Do not miss this exciting game!


  • Game explanation by gameleader
  • Maps and tablets with game software
  • Price for winning team
Price starting from 25 Euros
Participants  Min. 8 People
Times Personal Choice
Duration 2 Hours

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Reviews Citygame

It's been a while for me since I've played a game like this, it was so exciting! I started in the team of the gangster. Immediately my heartbeat raised as we planned a strategy and tried to figure out how NOT to get caught! I'd definitely recommend this game when you're with friends in the city and want to do something different and exciting!

Suzanne K

The target is a very fun and great game to play. While running and hidding you explore a different side of the old town of Valencia.


I was in Valencia and I tried something special to enjoy my time there; La Marabunta proposed me this game where you discover the old city running, hiding, chasing your mates. Moreover Suzie is gentle and kind, and always available to help you.


FAQS Citygame

In what languages can I play this game?
It is possible to play the game in English, French or Dutch.

Can we play this game with less than 8 persons? 
Yes you can but the price is based on a min. of 8 persons.

Can we choose in how many teams we want to play? 
It is possible to play in 3 to 4 teams per game. If you are a big group we can play 2 games simultaneously.

What is the maximum amount of persons on this game?
We can play with 40 persons at the same time in 2 games. If you are a bigger group we recommend our escape game or operation freddy game instead.

Can the game be personalized?

No, the game is standard.

What is the price?

Prices starts from 25 euro p.p. based on min. 10 persons

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