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Top 5 reasons why Valencia is the perfect travel destination!

Still hesitating to plan a holiday to Valencia? There are a lot of reasons why you should really visit this city! Besides the good food and weather, the city has many other assets. After reading this blog post, you will be very excited to go on a trip to Valencia!

The best food

Tapas, paella, jamón, oranges, Agua de Valencia, horchata, these are just some of the typical products and dishes that you can find in Valencia. It is therefore very likely that you will gain a few pounds during your visit here ☺. You can find a lot of restaurants and bars where you can eat the most delicious food. In the different markets, you can find products of the best quality (and probably you’ll also see the biggest tomatoes and peppers in your life!). Real foodies will feel right at home here!

tapas valencia gambas

Good weather all year round

If you can’t wait to wear your summer clothes, make sure you plan a trip to Valencia! The weather is very pleasant here all year round. Especially between March and July the temperature is perfect, not too hot or too cold, with an average of 20 degrees or more. Perfect to work on your tan ☺

picknick Turia Valencia

Short and direct flights from lot of European citys

You will find yourself in a completely new environment within just a few hours. Perfect if you want a short getaway!

valencia flight airport

Amiable city Valencia

Valencia is a very pleasant city to walk around in. You can explore the area without having to wait too long for monuments. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with a walk in the Turia park or a relaxing day on the beach. That way, you can escape from the busy, daily life.

A good mix of traditional & modern

In Valencia you can find both traditional and modern elements, which makes it very interesting to discover this city. In the old city center, la Ciutat Vella, you can still find many historical buildings. Moreover, it is very nice to stroll around the various narrow and charming streets (and maybe get lost a few times!).

The city also has several modern spots. For example, there is the City of Art and Science, Ciudad de las Artes y las Cièncias, an impressive futuristic building and a must see when you come to Valencia! 

fallas visit valencia
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