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Video & highlights Secret Discovery Walk

Highlights Secret Discovery Walk 

  • For LOCALS and visitors. Whether you live in Valencia or have just started exploring here, this experience is a fun way to learn more about Valencia
  • Play and experience Valencia and you will have guaranteed fun (you can play up to 3 riddles and still get a full refund.
  • Solve fun riddles to unlock curious local stories and recommendations
  • Free map with insiders’ recommendations will be sent to you after the game.
  • Use your own phone to access the riddles and stories. Each participant can read along on their own phone. It is a self-guided city game

Description Secret Discovery Walk

Unlock the enchanting stories of Barrio del Carmen and recommendations to the favorite local spots of me, Suzie, a passionate tour guide and a creator of this curious discovery walk in Valencia. I have developed this city trail in Valencia for the company Secret City Trails. They offer the most fun self-guided discovery games in more than 50 cities and Valencia was missing, well not anymore!

Did you know Valencia is believed to be the home of the holy grail? Explore and experience the charm of one of our favorite neighborhoods in Valencia! As you wander through the old town seeking answers to fun location-based riddles, you’ll find cool street art, beautiful plazas, one of Europe’s biggest food markets, as well as cozy cafés hidden on narrow streets.
This playful walk across Valencia sharpens your senses and encourages you to appreciate the most wonderful – and little(!) – details around you. Whether you know Valencia or have just started exploring here, this experience gives you a perspective on discovery that will inspire your curiosity wherever you go next.

This activity takes place outdoors, you use your own phone to access the riddles and stories. Each participant can follow along on their own device. If you have more than five players, consider breaking up into smaller groups to play multiple games and compete for the highest score.

Book now in ENGLISH at Secret City trails

How it works

  • Book on Secret City Trails Choose a discovery walk and add it to the cart. After the purchase, you’ll receive your secret link via email.
  • Get ready
    In your email, you’re reminded of the start location and playing times. Once you tap the ‘Play’ button, our web-app will magically open in your phone’s browser!
  • Explore & discover
    It’s riddle cracking time! Play with the city, notice its details, and have fun together. Be present in the moment.
  • Celebrate!
    Play for the fastest time to get listed on our leaderboard. Or, take your time to explore every corner. You’re always a winner.


A free list of my personal recommendations will be sent to you after playing the game.

Guaranteed fun you can play up to 3 riddles and still get a full refund.

Discount of 10% if you use the code TOURSINVALENCIA

Book now in ENGLISH at Secret City trails
Price 26 Euros per game not per person (1-5 players)

Participants 1-5 players recommended per game

But you can play simultaneous with other teams.

Times Play the city trail whenever you want.

You can even start one day and continue another day.

Duration about 2 hours, you can take a break whenever you want!
Language available in English, Spanish and Dutch
secret city trails Valencia

Reviews Secret City game

Blogger Jezebel did the discovery walk and wrote about it in this blog!

Discovering Valencia Old Town With Secret City Trails

¨Secret City Trails – Final Thoughts Both Ethan and I thoroughly enjoyed discovering Valencia Old Town with the Secret City Trails discovery walk.

Despite being super familiar with the city, we still felt as though we were discovering something new and learning a lot, and it was fun to experience Valencia through the eyes of a tourist, with the game feeling like a treasure hunt for grown-ups!

I can also personally vouch that the recommendations for drinks and tapas that Suzie includes on the game are top notch, helping you avoid overpriced tourist bars and showing you where the locals like to hang out. ¨

If you're like me, not the 'Hop on hop off'-kind of person and more after the local experience when visiting a new place, then this one is for you.
Me and my friends have been to Valencia multiple times and also know people living in the city, but this time we wanted to expand our experience beyond our friends recommendations. We were not disappointed! Our game took us to multiple great cool spots and great café´s that we otherwise would have missed out on.
We'll definitely check out more games in other cities!

Seth A.secret citygame

So much fun! We’ve seen a lot of details which we wouldn’t have seen without the super game.

Los Súper Chuliiiis

Great way to discover the main historic city of Valencia.


Photos Secret Discovery Walk

FAQS City game

In what languages can I play this game?
It is possible to play the game in English, Dutch and Spanish

Can we play this game with more than 5 persons? 
Yes you can! Here’s our top tips for making it happen easily.

Split up into groups of max. 5 people and appoint a team captain for each group.

Book the # of trails you need
Playing in a group of 50? Order 10 trails and forward the emails (with unique links) to each team captain.

Start in intervals
Do a collective group warm-up, dance, jump or laugh together – then start to play in 3-5 minute intervals. Why? More fun not follow each other too closely!

And the winners are…
Each team will find out how fast they solved all riddles (on the last screen), so why not reward and celebrate the fastest team? No cheating!

Mail us for info 

Fill in the contact form, we will respond in 24 hours.

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