Babymoon in Valencia & unique birth tradition

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Perhaps you are still looking for a nice babymoon destination? Then think of Valencia!

Babymoon Valencia

The babymoon, nobody had heard of it here in Spain. But I was already familiar with this phenomenon and I certainly enjoyed a babymoon. In Mauritius, seems great doesn´t it? However, it was not quite rosy as a cyclone raged over the island while we were there and that was kind of scary.Perhaps you are still looking for a nice babymoon destination? Then think of Valencia!Enjoy the wonderful weather, strolling in the Turia gardens, chilling on a beach bed, sniffing culture, eating delicious paella … what more could you want?

Birth tradition Valencia

Do you want a nice delivery and a healthy baby? Here in Valencia, we have a tradition that should take care of this. Pregnant women walk 9 rounds in the cathedral.

The instructions you can get at the entrance of the Miguelete tower, you get a ticket with a prayer and a candle. You can voluntarily give a contribution, then you can go inside for free (that saves you the entrance ticket 😉 your partner, mother, friend etc. is allowed to just walk with you)
At the Virgen Mary statue (behind the altar) you say a prayer before and after walking the 9 rounds. The candle that you get you have to take home and someone has to burn it for you on the day of the delivery.

It doesn´t hurt to try, so I gave it a try during your babymoon!
As an “adopted” Valencian, together with my good Valencian friend Gaby. You might know him from the great tours he gives for tours in Valencia!