Video & highlights City game

  • Challenge your friends or colleagues during this ipad challenge in Valencia
  • Be creative, the slightly crazy midget Freddy will give you all kinds of questions and assignments
  • Explore the city valencia in a fun way
  • Play and experience this citygame in Valencia and you will have guaranteed fun
  • Take home your funny pictures and videos, we will send it all to your email after the event

Description City game

This city game is perfect for small and big groups who want to learn more about Valencia in a really fun way. It is a great activity during a city- or business trip, a school trip, hen or stag party. The slightly crazy midget Freddy guides you through Valencia with all kinds of questions and assignments. It’s up to you and your team to find the right answers and be creative.
 Along the way, you learn more about the highlights of the city, through text and pictures. It is also possible to personalize your game, we can change the route and include personalized questions to match your needs.

Do you prefer a more active city game, where tension and tactics are central? Then we recommend The Target! Is your team in to solving riddles? Then play our Escape Game and save the hostages from Dr. Crypto!


  • Game explanation
  • Tablets with game software
  • A price for the winning team
Price starting from 30 Euros
Participants Min. 8 People
Times Personal Choice
Duration 2 Hours

Photos City game

Reviews City game

I had a great time, with Operation Freddy, and had the chance to learn so many things about the city. Plus, is an excellent way to make some new friends. Try it and you will not regret it!

Fabrizio C

This tour/game is really fun and totally different as it's more like a scavenger hunt with trivia puzzles at different locations around the incredibly beautiful old town. As Freddy guides you to puzzle locations (architectural gems around the old town), you learn about the history and gain some insight about the city. It's great for groups of friends or families.

Silke S

I had a great time getting to know the city center of Valencia with this game! It was funny when we had to do the different assignments and be creative. The group loved it! Definitely recommended when visiting Valencia!

Suzanne K

The Target is such a great game! Be prepared for some real fun and excitement! It triggers all your senses. You have to think, run, watch out, make strategies enjoy the city and much more all at the same time. We had so much fun together!


FAQS City game

In what languages can I play this game?
It is possible to play the game in English, French or Dutch.

Can we play this game with less than 8 persons? 
Yes you can but the price is based on a min. of 8 persons.

Can we choose in how many teams we want to play? 
Yes. It is possible to play with 1 team or more teams. For small groups our price is always for 4 teams, if you want to add extra teams on we need to know in advance.

What is the maximum amount of persons on this game?
We have hosted this game for over 100 persons. We can do it for bigger groups as well but we do need time to have this organized.

How can the game be personalized?

We have different types of personalisations, special for teambuilding or for example a bachelor party. We will send you the type of questions and instructions about what we need from you. like fotos, logo etc.

What is the price?

The price depends on the ammount of persons, language and if you want the game personalised or not. Our start price is 25 euro p.p.

Mail us for info 

Fill in the contact form, we will respond in 24 hours.

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