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Café del Tiempo
The Spanish iced coffee!

By 5 November, 2019December 2nd, 2020Foodie tips voor Valencia, Spanish recipes
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Café del Tiempo is a Spanish iced coffee

This is a regular coffee, a coffee with milk or in this case a Cortado (strong coffee with a small splash of milk) mixed with ice cubes. In Valencia this is very popular in the summer and you can order it in any bar. You just need to order the coffee you want and add the words “del Tiempo” and you will get a glass of ice with your coffee. Sometimes this is also served with a slice of lemon in it. The intention is that you first stir your sugar through your coffee and then pour it into the glass with ice. This way you get summer coffee or literally translated, coffee of the temperature, cafe del tiempo!

The Valencians usually drink the coffee in a bar, but you can easily make it yourself!

LanguageTip: If you are somewhere else in Spain, this coffee can be called very differently and they do not understand what you mean by café del tiempo. Then ask for a Café con hielo, coffee with ice!

Recipe for Spanish iced coffee


  • Coffee or coffee with milk
  • Icecubes
  • Lemon slice (optional)


  1. Put an ice cube in a glass
  2. Make a coffee, add the sugar
  3. Pour the hot coffee into the glass with ice

Nice and refreshing and a real boost! Did you know that you can also book a coffee workshop with us? Contact me via whatsapp for more information!

Also try a Cremaet coffee!

In Valencia we also have a kind of ‘carajillo’ typical of this region. Not every bar makes this anymore because it is quite time consuming but it is definitely recommended to try if you like a neutral in your coffee… el Cremaet!

Coffee, sugar, lemon, rum and cinnamon are the ingredients of el Cremaet. A perfect cremaet goes in a tricolor gradient from brown to black through golden hues.

The Cremaet is also called the dessert of the Almuerzo, this is the second meal of the day (around 11 am) for the Valencians. Try such an almuerzo with Cremaet at el trocito del medio outside the central market. Or go to Raussel, this is a tip for good tapas and almuerzos among the Valencians!

Cremaet koffie Spanje
Tours in Valencia Suzie

Which Spanish coffee is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

And if you are curious about a Valencian coffee with Oranges, join my 4 markets tour because this Cappuccino Valenciana is only available in the Ruzafa market!

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