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What is a Mascletá?

By 8 November, 2019November 13th, 2019Traditions and local holidays

It is a firework show during Valencia during the day.
During the day? That’s not logical, then you see nothing? Right?
NO NO NO, you do not understand this is a firecracker show! With a good Mascletá you can even discover a rhythm. A music festival for the ears if you have to believe the Valencians!
Watch this video with me and listen to the music of the Mascleta.
In person, of course it is really is ¨the bomb¨ several times a year you have a chance to experience this in Valencia.
I can also provide a fantastic spot on a balcony so you can watch the Mascletá in style with a drink in your hand.
During the Fallas tour, the mascletá is, of course, a part that can not be missed.
The mascletas will take place during the fallas festivities from 1-19 March at 14.00. But also on the 9th of October and in May and July during local festivities, we can attend a Mascletá.

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