Breakfast in Valencia – Desayuno


Breakfast in Spain is very light, café con leche with something sweet or some toasted bread. Usually, we have eaten before going to bed, so we are not really hungry. Important is the café con leche, usually not made at home but bought in a bar on the way to work.
A lot of bakeries and bars offer a desayuno. You can get a cup of coffee with a small piece of roasted bread topped with tomatoes and olive oil or a small croissant or Valenciana

Cake for breakfast!

A Valenciana is a type of muffin / magdalena cake. You can soak this in your hot drink. You can also buy them in the supermarket Mercadona. If there is coca on the menu, it usually means cake, but be careful, there are some savory coca’s, which taste more like pizza breads.

Cola Cao

In Valencia, children have a Valenciana and Cola Cao for breakfast. Cola Cao is the Spanish version of Nesquick. I used to be very fond of it when I was a child, and I still am today. The Spanish will all know this chorus:
“Es el cola cao un desayuna y merienda, es el cola cao un desayuna y merienda ideal, cola cao cola cao”

Tea or herb tea

If you prefer to drink herbal tea instead of chocolate milk or coffee, do not ask which types of tea they have, but which infusiones. Tea is black, green or red (rooibos) and infusiones are chamomile (manzanilla), mint (menta), rooibos etc. And beware, a Manzanilla (chamomile) is also the name of a kind of sherry. Perhaps it is still a little too early for that 😉

Pan con tomate & tostadas

My favorite breakfast is the tostada or pan con tomate, a toasted baguette with tomato and olive oil. In most places you get a small bowl of grated tomato served with your bread. You can put this onto the bread yourself combined with a generous dash of olive oil and some salt. Sometimes you just get a ripe tomato, which you can rub directly over the bread yourself. The variant where we also rub garlic over the bread is also delicious but no matter how much we love garlic, it is still a bit early to eat this for breakfast!

A tostada with marmalade is also widely available. In some of the newer places, you can get tostadas with avocado, ham, poached eggs etc.

Extensive breakfast & Brunch

If you rather have a more extensive breakfast, please feel free to do so, you can also find this in Valencia!
Brunch has become very popular. There are all kinds of trendy places now where you can order an extensive breakfast or brunch. Some of my tips for breakfast and brunch can be found here. Also keep a close eye on my social media. You will see a lot of nice places coming by as I love to eat a nice breakfast outside every week. Nice and Spanish!