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Enjoy a day at the Albufera natural park

Sunday, the perfect day for a paella in el Palmar and a boat trip on the Albufera fresh water lagoon.

Just approximately 12 miles (20km) south of Valencia you can find the amazing park of the Albufera it is 21.000 hectare.
The reserve is a must-see for those who enjoy nature and the outdoors and want to escape from the bustling city.
And for those who like to taste a real authentic Paella this is where you should go! Albufera is famous for its rice production, fisherman and local cuisine.

I am visiting the lagoon today with my friends and my colleague guide Gaby, just to relax a bit enjoying the view, the birds and the tranquility.
Of course finishing the morning with a great Paella at restaurant Casa Angel.
I can highly recommend Casa Angel as they are family owned, the service is really great and the view over the rice fields is amazing!
And I think they have an angel in the kitchen that puts some special extra to each paella to make them delicious!!

Find here more information on how to get to the Albufera natural park from Valencia

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