Terms and Conditions  Tours in Valencia 

1 Cancellation policy

1.1 It is possible to cancel free of charge, up to 48 hours before the start of open group tours. If the tour is already paid, the full amount (excl. Administration and booking costs) will be refunded.

1.2 For private tours, the deposit cannot be returned.

1.3 For private tours it is possible to cancel up to 7 days in advance, If you have paid for your tour in full, we will refund only the amount paid in excess of the deposit of the tour price 1.4 If you want to cancel later, we cannot return the costs incurred, but we will look at the possibility to reschedule the tour to another date.

1.5 If you book an open group tour, the minimum number of participants is four. If the group becomes smaller than four people due to a cancellation, the tour will unfortunately not take place. Tours in Valencia is not liable for this.

1.6 If the group comes with fewer people than what has already been paid for, the amount will not be deducted.


  1. Own responsibility

2.1 You are responsible for complying with all (traffic) rules. Fines are at your own expense at all times.

2.2 Tours in Valencia has no insurance for accidents of theft. You should be aware of this and take care of it yourself. Tours in Valencia is not liable for damage to persons of property that have arisen during the tours of activities.Tours in Valencia warrants that the customer has an adequate and appropriate insurance. If it appeared that such insurance is lacking, the customer will be exclusively liable for any damage.

2.3 Damage, loss of theft of rental bike

Damage to the bicycle upon return will be charged according to the rates of the bicycle rental company.

2.4 Tours in Valencia is not liable if a commitment cannot be fulfilled due to force majeure. 

  1. Indemnification

3.1. You indemnify Tours in Valencia against any third-party claims for damage suffer by using the services of Tours in Valencia.

4.1 Terms and Conditions City Games Tours in Valencia

4.1.1 Material,  Use of equipment

Equipment (including tablets and cards) is in good working condition and handed to the customer at the beginning of the City Game (s). Any visible defects must be reported to Tours in Valencia before the start of the City Game (s). Other defects in the material that would manifest must be notified during the game during the game. Damage or defects that only after the end of the game are reported, are presumed to be caused by the Customer. The Customer must take care of the material. The devices are blocked for any use other than that necessary for the purposes of the game. The Customer and co players are prohibited to use the devices for purposes other than playing the game. By improper use (eg. Telephone, email, SMS, chat, …) the customer must pay a fixed compensation of € 100.00, without prejudice to Tours in Valencia to claim the actual damage. Tours in Valencia, where appropriate, reserves the right to compensation, even after submitting the material.

4.1.2 Return of Materials

Equipment remains at all times the property of Tours in Valencia.

The Customer should return equipment at the agreed (final) return time to the supervisor of Tours in valencia. On return from 30 minutes after the (final) time the Customer shall pay a fixed compensation of € 50.00 per half an hour per unit, subject to the right of Tours in Valencia to recover its actual damages, and without prejudice right to lay criminal charges detriment of the customer and his fellow players, for example. due to theft or vandalism.

4.1.3 Damage / loss / destruction of the material:

The Customer is responsible for all cases of damage, loss or destruction of the material. In case of damage, loss or destruction of material the Client damages equal to the actual purchase price of the equipment, on presentation of the purchase invoice plus € 100.00 by way of liquidated damages for administrative costs and loss of income. The Confirmation Agreement document can be used in all cases in the notice of compensation.

4.1.4 Health status and behaviour of the Customer and its Co-Players

The Customer and its Co-Players are strictly forbidden to play the game under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics or medical problems in the broadest sense of the word. The reserved City Games can only be played by adults or minors provided over 16 years that the minor (s) accompanied / by at least one adult. Breaches of this rule also fall outside the responsibility of Tours in Valencia. The Customer and its Co-Players are forbidden to bring others into confusion or in any way give the impression that they belong to real police, or that they are real prisoners. No wearing of realistic police and prison clothing, imitation guns, etc. If iChallenge finds one or more of these prohibitions, Tours in Valencia has the right to prematurely stop the game without compensation to the Customer.

4.1.5 Exclusion of liability

Tours in Valencia warrants that the customer and any other player or participator has an adequate and appropriate insurance. If it appeared that such insurance is lacking, the customer will be exclusively liable for any damage not covered. The customer and his teammates are fully responsible for all activities conducted during the game. No harm they cause themselves or others can be recovered or claimed from Tours in Valencia.

The customer and his co-players remain solely responsible themselves for any personal injury. Tours in Valencia can not be liable for this. Tours in Valencia is not responsible for what concerns traffic offence and / or other offences that our caused by the client or his fellow players.

The customer and his teammates renounce any claim in law’s expense Tours in Valencia, both with regard to the customer or his fellow players themselves suffered damages for harm caused to third parties. If Tours in Valencia would be asserted in court, the customer and his teammates undertake jointly and severally to completely indemnify Tours in Valencia. Tours in Valencia is only responsible for the coordination and planning of the event.