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How to make Turrón de Alicante (duro) – Spanish hard nougat

30 min
2 servings
Low difficulty

There are many different varieties of Turrón, today I am sharing my recipe of the Turrón de Alicante also called turrón duro.
I have made another video about Turrón de Jijona (soft turrón) as well. You can watch that one here.
As I got so many nice comments on that video of the Turrón de Jijona I decided I could not leave out the other most popular turrón.
Christmas might be over in your country but in Spain, the eating feast does not end untill the Reyes magos left ( 6 january).
And even after all the holidays I can find an excuse to treat myself on turrón, most turrón shops are closed after the holidays but as you can see you it is not hard at all to make your own turrón!
This week I pulled a prank on social media for día de Los Santos inocentes (our Spanish April fools day) and most people believed I was going to be in Masterchef 😉 I was amazed how many people believed I could actually do it and they were disappointed to hear it was a joke. Hoping this sweet recipe makes up for it!


  • almands
  • sugar
  • eggs


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