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Transport to Valencia from the airport!

My name is Suzie, half Dutch and half Spanish and I have lived in the beautiful city of Valencia for years! I am happy to give you advice for your holiday in Valencia. In this blog you will read the best way to get to Valencia from the airport, including a special taxi tip from me!

Suzie Gids Valencia in valencia erkend gids licenced guide

Metro, also called “Tranvia”

The metro in Valencia has 9 lines with 4 zones; A, B, C and D. The airport is in zone D and the center in zone A. The fastest and cheapest way to travel from the airport to the center is with metro line 3 or 5. The departure times are regular and well signposted on the information boards at the station.

A single ticket costs € 5.00 and this includes € 1 for the paper ticket because you can top up this ticket and use it again. Even for several people only 1 ticket is needed!

Here you will find the official website of the Valencia Metro

Tip: If you are with more than 2 people, share your metro ticket with your fellow travelers and buy a bonometro for 21 euros for 10 journeys to and from the airport.


Taking the bus to the center of Valencia is cheaper than taking the metro, but the journey takes longer, although you do get an impression of the beautiful Valencia on the way! A bus leaves every half hour and takes about 45 minutes, this costs only € 1.45.

For traveling by bus in Valencia you can find all the information on the EMT website.


Taxis are usually available for the airport. If you are with more than 4 people, it is cheaper to order a van in advance. In about 20 minutes you are in the center of Valencia! There are several taxi companies in Valencia, one of the larger companies is Radio taxi

It is also possible to order a taxi through Tours in Valencia. It is nice if someone is already waiting for you at the gate, I have the contacts for you in Valencia! I would be happy to call the reliable and neat taxi driver Emilio for a reservation 😀

Taxi Emilio Tours in Valencia
Emilio Taxi Tours in Valencia

For the first time in Valencia?

I am happy to help you with my personal advice and tips about Valencia and get the most out of your city trip! Find here all information about my personal travel advice about Valencia, for example the kickstarter tour, personal welcome or the expert call Valencia!

Download my free Valencia Tips app! It has my personal tips and discounts from my partners to make your stay in Valencia great!

If you need a place to store your luggage in Valencia make sure to reserve this in advance. At the trainstation there are lockers that you can reserve online, this way you are sure of a locker being available for you. Use the code Toursinvalencia you will get a discount!  

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