Spain, the country where tapas were born

What are tapas

I’m sure that tapas are one of the first things that come to mind when you think about Spanish food. But why do we eat tapas? And what are tapas exactly?Tapas can be eaten as a starter or snack. They can be served cold (olives, cheese) as well as hot (patats bravas, garlic mushrooms). There are many different types of tapas and they can differdepending on the city. A tapa could be anything, a piece of tuna with an olive on a stick or a piece ofmeat served with sauce on a little plate. Tapas can be found in many bars and cafés in Spain, it isreally part of our culture!

The origin of tapas

The origin of tapas is a bit of a mystery. Some say that the Spanish king Alfonso the 10th had to eatsmall portions of food with a little bit of wine inbetween the meals because of his illness. Eventually, the king healed and afterwards he declared that nobody could serve any wine in Spain withoutoffering some small snacks. This was a good solution to avoid the effects of drinking alcohol on anempty stomach.Another story tells us that tapas appeared because farmers and field workers needed small amounts of food during their working hours. It was impossible to work for a long time in the hot sun after alarge meal at noon, so people ate smaller portions of food during the day. Moreover, people did notalways have time to take a lunch break at that time, which is why the employees took small breakswith a little wine and of course tapas. Others say that tapas originated because of the fact that theywanted to protect wine from fruit flies and covered the glass with a piece of bread or a slice of ham…

I am sure you will hear many other stories, but the most important question for you now is: where toeat these delicious tapas in Valencia? Tapas are usually eaten in the evening, having a drink and sharing snacks. In the afternoon we eatthe biggest meal at about 14-15h. If you want to experience Valencia as a local, you should definitelytry one of the many local, authentic tapas bars in Valencia!

Here are some of my favorite tapas bars to eat authentic Spanish tapas in Valencia

Tasca Angel
As a tourist you will probably just pass by without seeing this little bar. It doesn't look like a real
restaurant and it doesn't have much space at all, but the tapas are fantastic!
Tasca Angel offers
delicious fresh tapas, made with simplicity to accentuate the natural flavors. If you like fish, you're
sure to be in the right place because the bar is known for its sardines. Tasca Angel is very traditional
and popular with locals.

C/ Purisima 1,
46001 Valencia
+34 96 391 78 35

sardinas tasca angel valencia

Bar Pilar (La Pilareta)
This place first opened in 1918 and is very authentic and lively. You can eat like a real Spaniard and
the service is friendly and very Spanish. The restaurant is known for its Valencian mussels (clotxinas).
You will soon notice when you stand at the bar, because under the bar, there are buckets filled with
empty shells of mussels. They are very popular! Furthermore, the atmosphere is created by the
waiters who call their orders to the kitchen. It is not a place for romance, but it is a place for fun,
good food and a nice Spanish mood.

Calle del Moro Zeit, 13

46001 Valencia (El Mercat)

la pilareta tapasbar el carmen Valencia

Las Cuevas
If you are looking for a cosy family restaurant with lots of space and a pleasant atmosphere, Las
Cuevas is your place! The interior is very cozy, because the restaurant is built like a cave, just like the
name of the restaurant. Las Cuevas has many different types of tapas (at least 100 choices) and also
good paella. You can sit both inside and outside as it is situated at a cozy square. It is really one of my
favorite places and usually we also go there during my tapastour.

Calle del Conde de Almodovar, 8

46003 Valencia

tapastour valencia

You can find another kind of tapas here, namely Pinchos. Pinchos are originally from the north of
Spain and are always served on a piece of bread with a toothpick in it. They are usually eaten cold,
but you can also ask them to be warmed up. There are many different pinchos and it will be difficult
to not try them all �� You can pick your favorite pinchos at the bar and after they will count the
amount of skewers to know how much you have to pay. I can assure you that these snacks at Orio
are delicious and the service and location is also very good.

Calle del San Vicente Martir, 23

46002 Valencia

Mmmmmmm I start to get hungry writing all of this, don’t you? If you want to have a great eveningand discover some typical tapas bars with a guide, I can take you on my tapas tour so you can reallytaste Valencia! Hopefully we will meet soon and enjoy some delicious tapas together!