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Restaurant Review Ramen Kuma
Japanese food in Valencia

Restaurant Ramen Kuma, Valencia

Ramen Kuma specializes in ramen. Ramen is a Japanese dish consisting of Chinese noodles served in a meat of fish stock, often flavoured with soy sauce, miso or various toppings such as pork slices, seaweed, menma and spring onion and I was going to try it!

When the restaurant had just opened, I was tipped by my Japanese friend. She told me this is a very popular dish in Japan.
The quality of the stock is very important, it takes a lot of time to make, so usually it is a dish that you eat in a ramen restaurant in Japan. Now we don’t have to go to Japan anymore, but we can get this delicious soup fresh in Valencia as well!

My experience 

The interior of the restaurant and the menu are quite simple but that fits this concept. The menu is not that extensive but there are a few delicious dishes to choose from. We had some edamame and great gyoza with a Valencian white wine. The ramen was delicious, better than any noodles I have ever eaten in Valencia. The portion was really large, and I could not even finish my plate, but…. I really tried!

The service was fast, and you could look directly from the table into the kitchen where the Japanese owner shows his ramen art! My friend told me that in Japan, ramen is also eaten after an evening of partying! Well, I think it’s delicious, much better than a kebab 😉

Tip: go to Ramen Kuma early, they don’t take reservations.

I hope you enjoyed my restaurant review of Ramen Kuma. Let me know if you’re going to eat there and if you’ve enjoyed it the same way!

This restaurant is by the same owner as the popular Japanese restaurant Tora, both located in the Ruzafa district of Valencia.

Ramen Kuma
Carrer del Pintor Salvador Abril, 6
46005 València

Ramen at Kuma Ramen Valencia
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